JULIA S11DT Spinning Wheel

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One of the newer wheels from Louet! Julia is a Victoria version of the classic S51DT model. Built to the high-quality standards that you have come to expect from Louet equipment, this full size, upright wheel is easy to use. Julia is made of lacquered solid beech and laminated birch. This wheel does not fold like Victoria but the base can be easily detached from the upright for ease of transportation. Three bobbins, sliding flyer hook and lazy-kate  rack. An adjustable brake for three bobbins are included with each wheel.

The new generation of Louet spinning wheels, Victoria and Julia, have Scotch tension: single belt, flyer drive with an adjustable bobbin brake to regulate the tension on the yarn that you are spinning. The standard ratios are higher than those of the first generation, which makes it easier to spin very fine yarns. When using the highspeed set the ratio increases even further.


  • Double Treadle
  • Main wheel: Ø 50 cm (19 3/4″)
  • Ratios: 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:12.5, 1:19 (with optional high speed 1:27)
  • Orifice: Ø 8 mm (5/16″) and 12 mm (1/2″), height from the ground 70.5 cm (27 7/8″)
  • Volume of bobbins: approx 25 cubic inches
  • Weight: 5 kg (11 lb)

Accessories available:

  • additional bobbins
  • high-speed set with three bobbins (ratio 1:27)
  • additional high speed bobbins
  • stand-alone foldable skeinwinder                                                             


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