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Series 400 Motorized

By popular demand, we have developed a motorized series of Finest drum carders. This includes both the singlewide and doublewide machines. In addition, both existing Strauch hand crank chain drive Finest models can be upgraded to the motorized version.

These machines are truly unique in the marketplace and built with the same high standards as the hand crank models. They are “high tech” drum carders having both infinitely variable speed AND reversibility features. The “infinitely variable speed” feature (not just two or three speed settings) is a God-send when working with fine fibers like alpaca, merino and cashmere.

Our motorized drum carders use very high quality, durable, electronically controlled motors that are made in the USA! All these machines have been extensively beta tested by some “heavy duty” fiber artists and they all have raved about the design, workmanship, and durability.

There are switches on the circuit board to choose between 110v (domestic) and 230v (international). Naturally, carders shipped to US customers are pre-set to 110v.

UPGRADING EXISTING MANUAL CARDERS: Because of the complexity of the upgrade, the machine needs to be returned to Strauch Fiber Equipment.


The dimensions of these carders are the same as their manual counterparts.

Included tools:

This popular and invaluable tool removes the batt without damage to the equipment or the user

Doffer Brush
Thoroughly and easily cleans any residual fibers from the carding drum

Small cleaner/dabber brush
For use on the licker-in drum

Table clamps
Secures the carder to the work surface


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