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Series 300 Motorized

Our customers requested a Strauch-quality motorized drum carder that would produce those wonderful, outrageous “art batts” full of exciting fibers and textures. The manual Mad Batt’r wool drum carder has become so popular that offering a motorized version was the next logical progression.

Having both hands free makes it easier to control the type of art batt you are making. Since you can set the drum rotation speed to a particular value, your batts are consistent. Thick batts weighing more than 3 ounces can easily be made.

It uses the same motor and electronics as the Finest series. Included are all accessories and the Brush Attachment.


Dimensions are same as its manual counterpart.

Included tools:

This popular and invaluable tool removes the batt without damage to the equipment or the user

Doffer Brush
Thoroughly and easily cleans any residual fibers from the carding drum

Small cleaner/dabber brush
For use on the licker-in drum

Table clamps
Secures the carder to the work surface


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