bee suit

Pffft Vermin

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All winter long, my suit was snuggling itself up at the barn nicely folded and packed tightly in a bag.  Winters in the past have been brutal, so checking out the food stores in the hives didn’t really warrant wearing my suit. Now mind you, I LOVE my beesuit. I really LOVE it. Mark braves the […]


Summer Harvesting

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So, this time of year June-August.. is really our busiest. We’re skirting fleeces, feeding bees and weeding the garlic fields. We’re also off the farm or out in the back fields tending or doing chores. I’m not complaining… as we really love what we do. We’ve had visitors trying to visit and very patient as […]

Moving Forward

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We are so thrilled by the support from all of you. You have endured our daily updates, you have shared with your friends, perhaps even strong-armed your relatives into pledging 😉 … And for that we and the bees are grateful. As the time ticks on… know that our bees are coming… we are moving […]