What We Grow

From the Fields and the Beeyard.

Burgis Brook’s raw and unprocessed honey is sure to delight! We’ve been growing out the beeyard and harvest its golden sweetness for over 4 years.

Our Honey comes in two sizes – 8oz. and 1lb – delightfully packaged and corked in muth jars. 4oz. upon request.

Our honey is pure and natural, free of all antibiotics and chemical miticides. Our bees forage on a variety of wildflowers and hardwoods. Harvest is late spring and early fall. We have it available in our online store, at various farmers markets and events and available at specialty stores.


The field’s are lined with rows of garlic! We grow 5 varieties of hardneck culinary garlic. Our sister site at Last Green Valley Garlic Growers, contains all the FBgarliclogoinformation you need to grow, harvest or cook. We service restaurants which feature farm to table cuisine, growers from backyard gardens to large field growers, and local farmers markets for dinner requests. Hand blended seasonings are available for purchase at the farm and in our online store.