Articles of Interest

Alpaca History

Basic Alpaca Facts

Registries Explained (ARI & CLAA), By Jennifer Apostoli

Finding Farms & Ranches of Distinction, By Katharine Thompson (2mg PDF)

Soil Testing: Essential for Alpaca & Pasture Health, By Alan P. Perry (1.4mg PDF)

To Show or Not To Show, By Katharine Thompson (680kb PDF)

Breeding for Color, Mike Safley

Color Inheritance, By Elizabeth Paul

Getting Started in the Alpaca Business, Mike Safley

Fiber Characteristics of US Huacayas, By Angus McColl & ARF (638kb PDF)

Preparing Your Fleeces for Processing, By Caecilia Goetze (97kb PDF)

Alpaca Fiber from the Textile Point of View, Mike Safley

Sir Titus Salt and the Golden Fleece, By Adrian Stewart (932kb PDF)

Fibre Related English Idioms, By Adrian Stewart

Got Bugs & Obnoxious Pests? Get Guineas!, Jeannette S. Ferguson

Alpaca: Heal Me Now, By Katharine Thompson (408kb PDF)

The Basics of Alpaca Nutrition, By Dr. Nancy A. Irlbeck

Heat Stress in Llamas & Alpacas, David E Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in Alpacas, Jack Dibb

No Restraint Injections, By Marty McGee (272kb PDF)

10 Mistakes/10 Keys to Success, By Shari Silverman (176kb PDF)