Farm Happenings

We’re a Strauch Fiber Equipment Retailer

We are priviledged to be a part of the Strauch Fiber family! Strauch milling and fiber processing products are Proudly Made in the USA. As part of their company mission, Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. is dedicated to promoting American made products. And where possible,...

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Pffft Vermin

All winter long, my suit was snuggling itself up at the barn nicely folded and packed tightly in a bag. Winters in the past have been brutal, so checking out the food stores in the hives didn't really warrant wearing my suit. Now mind you, I LOVE my beesuit. I really...

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R.I.P Charles

Charles has been with us for 15-1/2 years. He is now on the celestial Serengeti with his ancestors... he past peacefully in his sleep.Most of you are probably rolling your eyes at the fact that here we are writing about our chicken! Besides having his roots with...

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