Connecticut Fibershed

Are you a Fibershed farmer or artisan wanting to let people know that your work supports regional agriculture, a local and fair economy, and ecological balance?  

If you are looking to be a part of the Connecticut Fibershed, we would be happy to speak with you regarding eligibility.

We are an affiliate of the California based Fibershed non-profit. We are growers, farmers, artisans, and business owners with a strong belief in growing a local and sustainable farm to fashion network.

All members of the Connecticut Fibershed will be recognized as sharing a core set of values:

  • Your resource base is in the State of Connecticut
  • All fiber is farmed and botanical dyes used in your goods are grown in Connecticut
  • All fiber is milled within the State of Connecticut
  • All the labor to create your goods is sourced in Connecticut

Exceptions to the rule may include:

  • Sewing notions (zippers, grommets, buttons, silk backing for felting)
  • Milling of some fibers, including cotton (as some milling is not yet provided in the state.)
  • Dye stuff & extracts not able to grow in our state (eg. Cochineal)

As we are a newly formed group of fiber growers, mills, and artisans. Please check out & follow our social pages Instagram and Facebook page too!


Email for CT Fibershed: ctfibershed@gmail.com or alisamierzejewski@gmail.com