So greetings from Jan. 1st 2015… We usually think back on the year, mulling through our memories of farm markets and festivals. Seems as though this year was a bit out of control. Winter just really never wanted to leave. Spring brings our prep for shearing and skirting fleeces to get to the mill.. (Why do we still have fleeces in the barn???)

Before you know it, summer markets started along with dying yarns, spinning, knitting etc. etc. etc.. oh and yes.. the garlic. Aaah, the garlic. Oh lets not forget the ladies… beekeeping has been time consuming dealing with feeding, harvesting, and lets not forget swarm catching.

Garlic harvesting happened late summer, and what a crop we had. Weeding, drying, making seasonings, market, market, market.

Hey, what happened to summer? Fall festivals are here… hey, Thanksgiving is here… hey, Christmas is here… hey… 1st of 2015 is here!

What a lifestyle.. one we would not give up.

From our farm to you all: We hope your 2015 is joyful, peaceful, mellow, relaxing, abundant, busy, energetic… and healthy.