So, Mark is in the arena… time for “reverse limbo”. Hmm you ask, “What the heck?” Those of you who wait patiently for the Annual Rhinebeck Leaping Llama festivities, know what’s about to happen. Bleachers filled, side-walls packed with spectators, flared nostrils, dust kicking up from the camelid cousins…. Scouting for an outstretched hand. There he was…





Eye contact was made, Eamon, with his thumbs up, was handed the lead rope to Gold Rush. Such a trooper, such a wonderful helper. Mark and his new friend taking the leap of a lifetime – Reverse Limbo… Leaping Llamas. Phew! for round one.

Although Rush, Corazón, Mark & Eamon did not win the contest for the day… it was a win win for new friends made.

Thank you Eamon!

*Photos courtesy of  ‘a proud mom” Beth V.