photo copySo, when we went to order our hives, we visited one of CT Apiary Gurus, Adam Fuller from AZ Apiaries in Hampton, CT. After drilling Adam for newbee beekeeping  info, we also picked up two assembled hives from him unpainted.

Since our friends have hives in Rhode Island, we loved the idea of painting colors. So as we found out info on “what colors to paint?” we did find out that when you put hives close together (as we will be doing)… painting different colors also helps the bees relocate their own hive-homes a bit easier during their flight paths. We also found out that adding a simple “graphic” such as a circle or the like, will help them hone in on the correct hive in case of high winds that would steer their flight path.

Interesting huh? So here’s what we came up with on our color selections…