charlesCharles has been with us for 15-1/2 years. He is now on the celestial Serengeti with his ancestors… he past peacefully in his sleep.

Most of you are probably rolling your eyes at the fact that here we are writing about our chicken! Besides having his roots with starting Burgis Brook 16 years ago.. his namesake Charles Brightman holds a dear place in our memories of our first trip to Zimbabwe. That is when we saw our first guinea fowl…scooting around in their homeland environment at Hwange. 

Zimbabwe was our favorite place we had the privilege of visiting. With our guides Charles and Teddi, we spent several weeks on a mobile tented safari and a small camp staff. 

As we started the farm in Guilford, we knew we had to have guinea fowl to keep the memories of that trip. We started with six guineas, Charles & Teddi were among the six. Granted at first, it was a real love/hate relationship having guineas. They are not calm, cool and collective. They are extremely opposite, which we did not realize. They are more wild than chickens, however, extremely entertaining, always busy doing something. Scooting and screaming, as they are our first line of defense from predators. When they see a hawk, fox, or dog.. they scream bloody murder!

So our nice, calm alpaca farm sometimes sounded like birds being slaughtered… literally. I remember the way Serephim and Theo looked at us when they were screaming.. Their eyes said, OMG! WTHeck.

Today, he leaves behind his girl Silver Queen, Rob and Bob. 

Enough said. He will truly be missed.