New York Sheep and Wool Festival in our opinion is the mecca of all things fibery, all things related to fiber art. So we’re getting ready for our largest Sheep and Wool event in Rhinebeck, NY… an annual event on October 20-21st, that boasts tens of thousands of fiber fanatics. In our eighth year, we’ve gleaned from the energy of knitters, weavers, spinners, animal lovers and the shoppers. A non-stop 2 days of whirlwind chatting, pattern-speak, brainstorming, alpaca info, introductions and hugs from returning friends.

Barn 27, The Llama & Alpaca Barn, has been the hub for all the above… until last year when NYSW split out the vendors from that building. Burgis Brook has a split personality now! The pacas will still be in the barn, however, all their glorious yarns, knitty things, rovings and accessories are moved into Building 35 Booth 16.

I have to say, that Building 35 has such a great variety of vendors, I believe it to be one of the festivals best areas to shop, splurge and schmooze. Again this year, we’re giving out discounts for those who visit our farm display at Barn 27 before heading over to the booth in Building 35. Mark will be greeting you and sending you off with his secret password again. The ladies thought he was a hoot, and until several of them kept telling me how handsome he was… I finally got it!

Hope to see our paca groopies and of course our rav groopies there… those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… well, get over to Rhinebeck this year and join the blast of fanatical fibery fun.