Herbal Soaps

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All natural premium herbal soaps. 3-4 oz bars.
These soaps are hand crafted and made for Burgis Brook.
Ingredients include olive, coconut and palm oils with natural fragrance & essential oils.
Comes in a variety of blends.

3 reviews for Herbal Soaps

  1. Sandy P.

    I love these herbal soaps. Patchouli of course is my fav. It’s a fresher blend than the hippy freak heavy oils from the 70’s.

  2. Renee L.

    These soaps are fresh and perfectly scented. Using them for years! 5+++ stars

  3. Nancy B.

    Your soaps are my favorite. They last a long time, and the fragrance is clean and light. I usually purchase them at the festivals. Glad to see they are back in stock online.

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