So you ask, where the heck is Spring? We’re asking the same thing!

No matter what the weather-happening is, basically its April… and that means, planning planning planning.

Here on the farm, we’re starting our spring cleaning… getting the barn ready and tidy for our upcoming shearing in May. We’re also pairing up the pacas for breeding season. That means, selecting who we want to breed, and matching the stud that would give us a result we’re looking to improve on that girl. Breeding happens right after we shear… so not to add any more stress to the situation.

Its a very busy time for us, between shearing, breeding, planting, cleaning… oh yes… now to get the hens all nice and cozy for egg laying… as the past month or so, we’ve been having an egg hunt every morning.

This year, we need to build a hay barn. Been looking for a great deal on a large hoop, however, they are not easily found. So Mark is planning on cutting the cedars, and popping up a structure…

More to come.