Our Annual Holiday Alpaca Farm Days boasts some pretty talented folks. Terri has been a good friend and has been a part of our Thanksgiving Weekend for at least 5 years.

Dressed in “correct” period attire, she spins on her Walking Wheel and showcases dreamy skeins of spun alpaca yarns from our own alpaca fleeces.

This year Terri brings a gorgeous wrap made from the fleece of our Reserve Champion Herdsire Quicksilver’s M.D. Along with her “show and tell” beautiful garment called “Every Way Wrap” pattern by Okmin Park, are ribbons of blue and purple!

First Place & Championship – Camelid Article.


So we decided to boast M.D.’s ribbons too! First Place and Reserve Championship. This boy looks fab in blue and purple!

Congratulations to Terri and M.D.