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Handcrafted, beautiful and unique!

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Cheese & Charcuterie Guinea fowl Neck Board Cherry Wood

Introducing our Cheese and Charcuterie Guinea fowl Neck Board, a unique creation inspired by the lively presence of guinea fowls on our farm. This stunning board beautifully showcases the natural beauty of Cherry Wood, carefully sourced both locally and from premier artisan wood sellers. Crafted meticulously by our skilled artisans from a single, unaltered piece of wood, each board ensures a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Furthermore, our deep appreciation for the gifts of nature is reflected in the skill and artistry of handcrafted perfection embodied in this board.
All boards are meticulously sanded and finished with three coats of Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner, all natural food safe mineral oil and food safe waxes.
This board can also be used as a cutting board, serving tray, cheese board, and will look amazing on any table or countertop.
Each board is unique (the shape design may be the same for some boards; however, wood displays unique grains and has many variations). The board you see in the listing is the exact board you’ll receive – handcrafted, beautiful and unique!

DIMENSIONS: 9.325” x 19.5” (0.75” thick)



  • Use dish soap and water- These are totally fine to use for those times when you have tougher foods to get off, or you want to wash your board especially well after setting out meats, etc.
  • Dry off thoroughly after rinsing. Don’t just set it out on a dish rack- use a towel to dry off any excess water.
  • Use food-grade mineral oil, hemp oil, flaxseed oil to protect your board and keep it looking beautiful!
  • Use food-grade wax if you’re wanting a little extra protection in addition to oil.
  • Use kosher salt and halved lemons or vinegar and baking soda to get rid of smells and bacteria. Keep it sanitized and smelling clean!

  • Do not use in the dishwasher- the heat will warp the wood!
  • Do not use abrasive scrubbers like steel wool- you’ll ruin the beautiful finish! Use plastic scrapers, gentle dish soap and hot water for those stubborn bits of food.
  • Do not soak your board in water- while rinsing and washing your board is fine, letting it soak for a longer period of time will definitely cause warping!
  • Do not use olive or vegetable oils- these can get rancid over time and cause your board to smell! 
  • Do not store it in a closed space. Air flow will help your board stay dry and keep it from building up unwanted moisture that can cause warping and breaking. 
Boards are beautiful — so don’t be afraid to display them! Get creative and use them as kitchen decor either on the counter, or hanging on the wall.


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